Kanti Trecho31, Dec 2018

*A dream doesn’t become reality by magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work*, this quote is exemplar of Dr.Kanthi Shetty’s mores. This cosmetic surgeon systematically chisels her running physique thru phyche of sheer hardwork. Having embraced endurance running as her fix she has grown fitter over past 2 years. Rarely away from her training sessions at Trecho Running Club, she polishes her technique that fetch her shiny medals though apart from the prized tangibility of the runs she participates in, the prime interest of this running belle is persistence and perseverance. Slowly and steadily she has kept at it despite several limitations imposed by her untimely and busy schedules, inspiring many wannabe runners to take up running.

Dr.Kanthi Shetty holds high regards for her trainers and run companions and always emphasises her gratitude towards them for her accomplishments. Several 21km and a 31km at the Trecho31 in Dec 2018 indicate her linear journey from a absolute starter in 2017 by sheer hardwork. Trecho wishes her continued ascent up the training ladder and a steady growth as a better runner in each of her races. Kanthi says, ” Showing up is the biggest challenge , then slow or fast complete your day’s task “.