AK Trecho31, Dec 2018

*Anantha Krishna is like wine*, getting better with age. AK sir as he is fondly known among his running mates spread over the country is a retired Diplomat who has worked and travelled around the world. Hailing from Mysore among a family of yoga practitioners, AK sir was always inclined towards fitness. Busy schedules and unsystematic eating habits kept him slightly bulging during his service days. However after retirement & physical set backs, he decided to fight back and get into the shape of his life thru cycling initially & then running. Not someone to nag about his ‘pains and aches’ and lead a life of indolence. AK sir has been training with Trecho Run Club since 2015. He loves inspiring the aspiring runners and always has a word or two to encourage all ages besides setting an example of self. He too has earned many laurels for his consistent running. He is a marathoner and regular at many run events. Not a stranger to the podium his minutes of fame include age category wins at  Mysore Celebration run (10k) 2016,2018 & 2019. His biggest achievement however has been inducting and encouraging a reluctant and absolute non-sporty spouse to join his beloved Trecho Run Club.

Trecho wishes him all the very best for upcoming Trecho31 and TMM.

*Group Runs builds a community of like minded people with similar interests towards fitness and travel and fosters camaraderie* says Anantha Krishna T N alias AK Sir.


Ritoo Trecho31, Dec 2018

*You only live once, you might as well be a badass* believes Ritu Singhal.

A passionate freelance Interior designer and mother of 2, Ritu’s tryst with fitness started with regular gym routines till her neighbour got her along to a run training session conducted by Trecho Run Club in Dec 2016. Having discovered that running complements her efforts to stay fit she decided to adopt running as a routine habit. Invariably, found pounding the pavement decked in gadgetry she prepares elaborately for her runs in catchy attires & run accessory. Her brief running adventures includes the 10M rolling hill challenge @T4M in 2018 and she has progressed to a 21.1km strong runner. Trecho wishes her a speedy recovery from her minor injuries & expect her to take a concerted effort to take up running more seriously in the year 2020.

Ritu never gets tired of admiring and acknowledging her trainer at Trecho for guiding and encouraging her to achieve miles beyond her imagination. Ritu says ” Happiness is running ” .

Kanti Trecho31, Dec 2018

*A dream doesn’t become reality by magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work*, this quote is exemplar of Dr.Kanthi Shetty’s mores. This cosmetic surgeon systematically chisels her running physique thru phyche of sheer hardwork. Having embraced endurance running as her fix she has grown fitter over past 2 years. Rarely away from her training sessions at Trecho Running Club, she polishes her technique that fetch her shiny medals though apart from the prized tangibility of the runs she participates in, the prime interest of this running belle is persistence and perseverance. Slowly and steadily she has kept at it despite several limitations imposed by her untimely and busy schedules, inspiring many wannabe runners to take up running.

Dr.Kanthi Shetty holds high regards for her trainers and run companions and always emphasises her gratitude towards them for her accomplishments. Several 21km and a 31km at the Trecho31 in Dec 2018 indicate her linear journey from a absolute starter in 2017 by sheer hardwork. Trecho wishes her continued ascent up the training ladder and a steady growth as a better runner in each of her races. Kanthi says, ” Showing up is the biggest challenge , then slow or fast complete your day’s task “.

Prashant trecho31,DEC 2018

They say ‘ fit isn’t a size, it’s a feeling ‘. Popularly known as *Stick* among fellow runners Prashanth Urs is a Financial consultant by profession and runner by passion. Prashanth has always been a fitness enthusiast and keenly follows sporting events besides having tried his hands at many of them. Following an interesting conversation in 2015 at a health club with few friends he took up running. He has been a part of *Trecho Run Club* since 2017.

Over the past couple of years he has adopted distance running as his sport and is a regular at running events around the country recent being *Ladhak marathon* completing the challenge in 4:45. Trecho wishes him the very best for the upcoming Malnad Ultra and Trecho 31. His running philosophy being *’ Be promptly present in your karmabhoomi (gkvk) & the training will take you through*. Meeting run buddies and the run will keep you coming back for more’ .

Sateesh Trecho31, Dec 2018

‘ *Running late* is an exercise’ thinks Sateesh Somashekar, Program Manager at Crest Aerospace Technologies, Bangalore and a hobby domestic cook. Coaxed by his endearing better half Shilpa, Sateesh accidentally turned up on a Sunday morning in running gear at Trecho Run Club instead of their gym group.

After some whining & groaning he got into formal long distance running over a period of time. Soon he was registering for events like TCS 10K which he completed in 64 mins (2017) and has completed the unique 31km run Trecho31 (2018) & a marathon! at the famed Tata Mumbai Marathon in 2019. Sateesh is fondly known as SOTY(student of the year – for his energy conservation attempts). Sateesh carefully charts out his run plan after discussion with his trainer at Trecho. He is preparing to progress thru training in 2020. His running funda is “Run buddies are like therapists, regular visits will keep you fit funny and fine”

Athi trecho31,DEC 2018

*”Many will start fast, only a few will finish strong!!”* Athi Narayan is one such runner at Trecho. Consultant at an export firm, Athi chose running as an extension of his fitness regime in 2017. He completed his first marathon in 2018 (Bangalore Midnight Marathon). The unconventional timing of the race didn’t much affect his effort at the maiden attempt marathon where he cruised through in 4 hours and 11 minutes. In the recently concluded Trecho Tuff Twenty & Ten mile run he finished super strong and secured the third place.

Athi enjoys the company of his run buddies especially the jovial and high spirited ones. Ever enthusiastic about the Sat Trecho strength training sessions, he is often greeted with raillery for his perfect stretches by his co-trainees at Trecho Run Club. His run philosophy being ‘stay calm,train hard, but “run by the feel” to enjoy ‘.

Trecho wishes him a fabulous 31km in Trecho31 and a runtastic 2020.