Athi trecho31,DEC 2018

*”Many will start fast, only a few will finish strong!!”* Athi Narayan is one such runner at Trecho. Consultant at an export firm, Athi chose running as an extension of his fitness regime in 2017. He completed his first marathon in 2018 (Bangalore Midnight Marathon). The unconventional timing of the race didn’t much affect his effort at the maiden attempt marathon where he cruised through in 4 hours and 11 minutes. In the recently concluded Trecho Tuff Twenty & Ten mile run he finished super strong and secured the third place.

Athi enjoys the company of his run buddies especially the jovial and high spirited ones. Ever enthusiastic about the Sat Trecho strength training sessions, he is often greeted with raillery for his perfect stretches by his co-trainees at Trecho Run Club. His run philosophy being ‘stay calm,train hard, but “run by the feel” to enjoy ‘.

Trecho wishes him a fabulous 31km in Trecho31 and a runtastic 2020.