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Running is about finding your inner peace, and so is a life well lived… Run with your heart.

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Remember.. the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.

Umesh Running age: 9Running tree: 2013 to present

Most enjoyable run: TCS World 10K and Auroville
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Radhika (Rad)Running age: 11Running tree: 2018 to present

Most enjoyable run : Run in GKVK
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Roopa Devi LRunning age: 3.5

Most enjoyable run : Every run fills-in new energy so can’t pick one.
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  • Know Your Pacer

    Name Running age Run Club
    Umesh 9yrs Trecho

    Running tree: 2013 to present
    TCS World10K, Kaveri Trail HM, Midnight HM, TRORT HM,
    SPBM – 21k, Bangalore Ultra 12.5K, 25K, Mumbai Marathon, Auroville Marathon….

    Most enjoyable run: TCS World 10K and Auroville

    How did it all start:
    It all started when I returned back from Chennai to Bangalore in the year 2010. At that time, I was weighing more that 85kgs and almost nearing 90kgs. My family and friends started to joke on my heftiness. I have challenged them, that I would be back with my original form 😊. I began to run + walking to keep myself fit. I used to do 5Kms, which includes 2-3kms running and 1-2kms walking. During this time, I was not even knowing about Marathons which were happening all the time at various cities. In the year 2013, I got to know about the running event TCS World 10K from my colleague, so I’ve registered my first 10K along with Venks 😊. During my first 10K run I was literally struggling to keep running and I was thinking that I would never ever run in any of the running events. But at the end, I was very happy that I’ve successfully completed the Run. The happiness that comes after the finish of every Run keeps me motivated to keep running.

    Why do you run:
    Running keeps me active all the day. It’s all about addiction.

    Message to aspiring runners:
    Running is all about yourself. Be committed and true to yourself. Increase distance gradually to build your stamina and reduces the risk of injury over time.

    Gyan to regular runners:
    Keep motivated and focussed and be a regular runner wherever you are. Getting back to shape would be difficult once you lose your form. Never Give Up

    Come run with me cos:
    I would love to help others to improve themselves.

    Fav running celebrity:
    Meb Keflezighi, Gatlin

    Running moto:
    Every run is for you, and nobody else.

  • Know Your Pacer

    Name Running age Run Club
    Radhika (Rad) 11yrs Trecho

    Running tree : 2008 to present
    TCS 10k, Urban Stampede, SCMM/TMM, Auroville, Pinkathon, Reebok Pump Run, Trecho 31, Kaveri Trail, Mysore Celebration Run, SBI Midnight Marathon, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, New Delhi Marathon, Skechers River Marathon, SPBM, Dream Runners Half Marathon, Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

    Most enjoyable run : Run in GKVK

    How did it all start :
    I was jolted from an easy going majja oriented routine life into Majja of a different nature one fine day. Coach Vinod told me along with few friends to prepare for the 5.7 km run at the I edition of Sunfeast World 10K (now TCS World 10K) with 2 weeks to go. Initial enthusiasm gave way to trepidation as the race day started looming large. Was almost nil on the advised preparation and wanted to back out in the last. However, deriving courage from team i decided to get mauled by the roads. Coach sensed my tremors and advised me to focus on completion of the run and disregard the time taken without ever giving up. He said you will have a new start at the end. This relaxed me a great deal and went ahead. The exhilaration and feeling when I crossed the finish line was unimaginable. The knee, ankle and quads were all in pain accompanied by toe and what not…. but all worth the effort, excitement and a sense of achievement and he was right – The End was The Start. It transformed me instantly & set me on course to many runs thereafter slowly graduating to 10Ks, half-marathons and marathon over the coming years in different cities of our beautiful country. The journey has been so enriching and humbling. A whole new world had opened up for me. Different races experiences each time. The thrill at the start and finishing high even if running the same event over a dozen times. The group energy. Truly run times are my fun times. I have learnt a lot about myself and owe a great deal to running for where and what I am today.

    Why do you run :
    To be with myself, to find a better me

    Message to aspiring runners :
    Anybody can run, just make up your mind. Don’t keep thinking about it.

    Gyan to regular runners :
    Practice is the key, have a plan and know your limits.

    Come run with me cos : We run better….When we run together!

    Fav running celebrity:
    My coach

    Running motto :
    Believe in yourself

    Running ambition : Wish to run atleast one marathon in all the continents, do more trail runs, run on mountain. I DREAM TO & WANT TO KEEP RUNNING ALL MY LIFE…

  • Know Your Pacer

    Name Running age Run Club
    Roopa Devi L (Roopa gowda) 3.5yrs Trecho run club

    Running tree :
    TCSW10K(2016) , Auroville 21.1k(2017), Bangaluru marathon (21.1km), TMM, Stadium run Bengaluru (relay), IDBI New Delhi Marathon 42.2k , Trort, Malnad Ultra…

    Most enjoyable run:
    Every run fills-in new energy so can’t pick one.
    How did it all start:
    seeing ‘X Y Zees’ on clothing size was not a happy sight.
    Why do you run:
    It’s the best way to sweat & clear out calories & thoughts.
    Your inspiration:
    Runner’s world is full of inspiration. Each happy runner fights many odds to make to the training station be it health, work, responsibilities, lethargy, age but once they are there it’s jus one happy family.
    Message to aspiring runners :
    Believe in yourself, you are already a winner if you are at the start point.
    Gyan to regular runners: Be consistent.
    Sun / Rain / Cold be present in your karmabhoomi.
    Come run with me cos:
    I’m a great listener and many times I’ve positive solutions/suggestions to your little queries, if any.
    Fav running celebrity:
    Milind Soman
    Running moto:
    Running is happy e-motion
    Running ambition:
    To keep moving, to inspire and get inspired . To discover new run arena .